Monday, August 24, 2009

sneaks up quiz how good do you really know sneaks up

well me and a couple other guys thought this would be fun...results will be posted soon....I came up with the first 10 and norm came up with the last 10

1.Who came up with the name sneaks up?

2.Who did the first sneaker show flyer?

3.Who's silhouette's are on the first sneaks up tee?

4.How many people did the first sneaker show have displaying their collections?

5.What sneakers did norm and fred have on at the first sneaks up?

6.(Two part ans)how much and which one of the sneakers that the spurs foundation auctioned off went for the most amount?

7.What sneaker did motive 807 donate for us to raffel at sneaks up?

8.What two models did joesuf and anthony I.D. For sneaks up?

9.What is the date of the first sneaker show in san antonio?

10.Who was the first person from out of town to attend san antonio's sneaker show.

11.Who traveled farthest to attend a sneaks up event?

12.What sneaks up family member wears the smallest size?(Its not who you think it is)

13.Name all the djs that have ever performed at sneaks up events?

14.What outfit did fred wear to sneaks up1?

15.Where was the meetup location where we first met art?

16.How many dunk high ids were made for sneaks up 2?

17.Who is jsawyer20?

18.Expain the term Shitrod.

19.Where was the first sneaker show held?

20.Who did the first official sneaks up Tee collabo?