Tuesday, October 27, 2009


well i thought it would be a good idea, to instead of always giving you the inside of a big sneaker corporation,and famous celebrities ...........i thought i would give the inside on a very important person that helps makes sneaks up flow...........

some people know him as norm,some know him as n2tha0

how ever it is you do know him, he has been a big positive in my life (no homo)..he has helped me go from this hot tempered "lets fight" type of person, to a person that has and still is learning how to listen to people and to see the bigger picture of any situation.....and for that i will forever be grateful...

some people have very good opinions about him, some not so good.....so maybe this will help you get to know him better........

tellyjesko: well first off why dont you tell every 1 that dont already know who you are ...who you are?

norm: My name is Norm Dawson.I'm 36 years old.I was born in H-town but breed and spread in San Antonio(Converse Representin').I am one of the many People that help organize and put on San Antonio Sneaks Up Sneaker Show.I am probably the guy that wild's out first...I am spontaneous and impulsive...somewhat unpredictable but loyal as hell to the cause!!!PEACE TO THAT!!!!

tellyjesko: how long have you had a passion for sneakers?

norm: I have been into sneakers probably since about 6th grade.I always felt awkward growing up because of the way I looked...red curly hair..freckles...etc...and then I remember saving up my birthday money and allowance and bought a pair of black and silver nike vandals..man..having those shoes on my feet made me feel cool....no matter how out of place I felt like I looked I ateast I knew that my feet looked fresh...after that I realized how much sneakers were a reflection of your status...it sounds superficial now but everything about grade school and junior high is superficial.THEN I discovered the Puma clyde and it was all over from there.So I always felt a connection with sneakers and as the popularity of collecting grew it felt like something that came natural.

tellyjesko: what were some of the very first thoughts you had when i first approached you with an idea of a sneaker show here in san antonio,tx?

norm: Man when I met you that day at the mall I felt like FINALLY!!! I never knew there were other sneaker heads here in san antonio.I had been on the internet but mostly on crooked tongues which is a site based in England so to know that there were enthusiasts here at home ..man that was refreshing.Then when you started talking about putting together a show I was a little hesitant because I thought"man these cats are gonna clown on me.."or whatever but after talking that day for what seemed like 3 hours(!!!) I felt alittle more open to the idea.
As far as helping with getting Sneaks Up off the ground I was BALLS IN!!!I knew that it was something that was worthy of sharing to the world and would eventually blow up.


tellyjesko: since the first sneaks up show how has it changed your outlook on the whole sneaker culture ? and has it taken your love for sneakers to another level or has it decreased your passion for them ?

norm: I could never lose my love of sneakers!!!!
I feel like nowadays not only do I represent myself in anything I do I also represent Sneaks Up so I am always very mindful of that.When it is all said and done though it has really made me appreciate sneaker culture a lot more and it has gotten me into aspects of the culture that I might not have gotten into..it has definetely turned me on to different brands and models that I didn't even know about a few years ago and I still find myslef "beasting out "about something or other!!It has also excites me to see younger kids really getting into collecting and when I say that I dont mean beasting...I mean the kids that really appreciate the history of sneakers not just the latest release of JBs and what not...it stokes me out to come across a young cat whos down to talk about old pumas or adidas.....

tellyjesko: now besides sneakers what else is there to you...what else are you about, any other hobbies, passions,ect.ect.

norm: well sometimes I feel like I have had a Forrest Gump type of life!!I have done soo much that I am proud of and I feel really blessed to have been through some of my experiences and the opportunity to meet such wonder friends.I was in a few punk and rock bands back in the early 90s(Slumber,Stalefish,Protien Shake)and I was also a member of the San Antonio based industrial band Pitbull Daycare.We were kinda like Nine Inch Nails and actually toured the U.S. and Canada for about 6 years.Those were some fun times.I also still skateboard after all these years and probably will never stop.I love dancing(no romo) and I am very much in to poetry and prose writing as well.

tellyjesko: are you a big tv/movie person ?

norm: I LOVE TELEVISION.I totally run out of room on my DVR!!!I will sign off on anything that is on national geographic.I am also down with Dexter,Entourage,Californication,Man vs.Wild......You name it dude I am a junkie...I can't wait to have my own VH1 BEHIND THE SNEAKER show HA!

tellyjesko: now we all know that norm does not drink ......(wait for the duck tale giffs)...what is your choice of drink ?

norm: You can find me at the bar probably doing shots;preferably Jager which we have renamed Swayzemaisters afterthe passing of of my personal heroes P.Swayze.I am not a big drinker so I am a super light weight and it doesnt take much to get me twisted..a few swayzemeisters and a Dos XX and I am good!!!oh and don't forget the ceremonial shot of patron to begin every Sneaks Up Show!!!

tellyjesko: now when you talk about norm you cant leave out all the tattoos......which tatt was you first ,your faviorte,and what else is to come......

norm: Tattoos for me are like sneakers it is a lifestyle that I cant live with out.My first was a home made "X" on my shoulder that signified my Straight Edge Lifestyle( no drinking,drugs,etc which I adhered to until I was 29...see why I am a lightweight!!).From then on I was really interested in getting Skateboard related work done as well as Buddhist and tibetan inspired pieces.My favorite pieces I have are my left calf which is a reproduction of Skateboarder Jeremy Wray's first Graphic and then my left forearm which is a depiction of the back of a 2 dollar bill..the signing of the declaration of independence but with aliens as the presidents.......of course my last one was my Sneaks Up tattoo done on the inside of my left bicep.you know that one means a great deal to me!!!

tellyjesko: who or what inspires you....?

norm: My Friends and my son.Hands down.Thats my inspiration.I have been blessed with the greatest group of friends in the world.My friends are my family.Thats why when I talk about Sneaks Up I talk about family.we aren't a "crew" or a "posse".We are family and I have never used that word lightly.My best friends have been with me through some dark times and thats what keeps me going.Also my son Gavin is the light of my life..to know I am his hero helps me get out of bed in the morning!!!

tellyjesko: now getting back to sneaks up, you have been there since day 1...you have seen sneaks up grow a ton.....you been to a shit load of meet ups ,road trips,events,the very good and smooth, and threw the very bad and rough...what is your favorite sneaks up memory?

norm: I can't really pinpoint ONE memory because there is so many..but I guess one of the best is being on the floor of the first Sneaks Up Show and looking around at all the people and I felt so overwhelmed by all the love in the room.It felt like all the work we put in to putting that show together really paid off!!Every year I get the same feeling! And then Last year at Sneaks Up 3 when we took the picture of eveyone with their sneakers in the air and it got real quiet you could hear the cameras going off...to see all those people representing....I got alittle teary eyed..no romo.

tellyjesko: well thanks alot norm for all the inside ....the only other question i have for now is .......what does sneaks up mean to you? .....

norm: Sneaks Up to me means Life,Family and community.....I always say wherever I stand I Stand with Sneaks Up and I mean that.

It also feels good to know that we do this all ourselves with little to no outside involvement..that appeals to the old DIY punk rocker in me.Keeping the show free and family oriented is one of the more important aspects of the show.To accomplish everything we have independently without huge corporate sponsorships means a lot to me.Sneaks Up to me is NOT a business...it's life....PEACE TO THAT!!!

and there you have it.......im sure part 2 ..will be coming soon.........
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Monday, October 26, 2009

cant wait......

well if your like me .....then you have probably asked yourself this very same qiestions "what took nike so long ?"
i dont know to many pro skaters....but ERIC is the truth ..since my brother started skating back in our middle school days,when i was spinning on my head......i have always heard of eric putting on...he is also know to be a very knowledgeable when it comes to sneakers....well if you follow nike sb because you actually skate with them or if you are person who loves sneakers.....eric koston was signed to nike sb earlier this summer ......

“Not only am I psyched to be a part of the great group of guys that makes up the Nike SB team, but I’m equally as excited to work with them creatively. I’m sure many people know that a lot of different Nike’s have been the inspiration for my shoe designs over the last 12 years, so I feel like a fucking kid in a candy store when it comes to this partnership between Nike and I.”
- Eric Koston

now i know its been a couple of months since eric signed and this is old news to alot .......but it is also getting alot closer to the end of this year and the start of the new year ....which means we will see the first color way done up by eric .....and i am loving this color ,it has that simple and plain but yet bold feel to it .....just like the good old nike pro b and sliver box sb days......and i cant wait....................

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